Nea Moudania House Chrisi Halkidiki

Nea Moudania

Nea Moudania is the second largest town of Halkidiki. It is the largest commercial and trade town with a population of appr. 15,000 people and is located on the seaside of the Thermaikos gulf and […]

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Mount Athos House Chrisi Halkidiki

Mount Athos

Mount Athos, otherwise known as Holy Mountain in Halkidiki Greece, is a unique male monastic community that comprises of 20 imposing monasteries. This amazing mountain is famous for its natural beauty and also for the fact […]

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mediteranean cosmos House Chrisi Halkidiki

Mediterannean Cosmos

Mediterranean Cosmos is the biggest shopping mall of Thessaloniki, located 11 km east of the city centre. shopping experience in Thessaloniki Apart from approximately 200 stores, it also features 30 restaurants and coffee shops, 11 […]

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Cave of Petralona House Chrisi Halkidiki

Cave of Petralona

The bejewelled with stalagmites and stalactites Petralona Cave has been developed on the western side of the limestone Katsika mountain (~700 m height) and 300 m above sea level. The Cave was spotted in 1959 […]

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Anicent Olinthos House Chrisi Halkidiki

Ancient Olinthos

Ancient Olinthos – Halkidiki Greece Olinthos was for a century, the most important town of Halkidiki. Its foundation is lost in the mythical years. Some archaeological findings show that in the town’s position used to […]

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Toroneos Cruise House Chrisi Halkidiki

Toroneos Cruise

The beautiful Toroneos gulf is located between the peninsulas of Kassandra and Sithonia. It is well known for its blue crystal waters and the breathtaking view of the scenery and the coastlines of the two […]

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Meteora House Chrisi Halkidiki

Day Tour Meteora

Meteora is a must-see place in Greece, as it is a unique geological phenomenon, located in central Greece, next to the city of Kalambaka. The huge natural rock towers found there are home to 14th-century […]

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